Solve Challenging Puzzles

Delve into the dark and captivating world of Possession 1881, a point and click puzzle adventure.  A game about intellect, art, and the occult in the Victorian Era.  From demon sigils to cement to talking dolls, the game's atmosphere is authentic to the time.  Science, history, and art all inspired the design of numerous unique puzzles that will dare your mind to find new connections. 

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Explore the occult.

In 1881, humans searched for truths in the occult, demonology, and witchcraft.  Possession 1881 is a game that explores what this era may have been like, and lets the player experience first hand the thoughts and feelings of such a time.

Challenge your mind.

Players must solve puzzles involving science, history, and spatial logic from the perspective of the occult as they discover who they are and why they are there.  Free your mind from the constraints of reality and explore an era of spiritual enlightenment.

Experience art.

Professional graphics and textures create an atmosphere of realism for the player to immerse themselves in.  The beautiful portrait "Timeless" by professional artist Karen Whitworth creates an authentic Victorian age feeling within the manor.

"Looks nice!  And by nice, I mean creepy"

- Toblotron