Welcome to Possession 1881!

Thank you for checking out Possession 1881, a classic puzzle adventure game with a focus on interesting puzzle design and immersive atmosphere and story. Possession 1881 was developed by us, End of the Line Studios, aka Jared and Danielle Lemky.  If you'd like to know more about us, check out our "About us" on the forums.  We'd love to know more about the features and puzzles that you have loved, or hated, to help make Possession 1881 the most enjoyable experience for you!

  1. Do you like games with music and sound fx, or games with just sound fx for full immersion?
  2. Do you like physical based puzzles where you have to observe how things move to look for clues, with no written clue to guide you?
  3.  Do you like puzzles that require you to pull out your own pen and paper to map out an area or to draw a symbol?
Looking forward to your answers in the comments below!